4 Home Staging Tips From Real Estate Experts

Home Staging Tips

Did you know that staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes? Research shows that if you stage your home before selling, it can get off the listings 3 times more quickly than regular homes. Plus, 70% of real estate professionals agreed that the price for staged homes is 10 percent higher!  So, if you’re considering […]

Why Home Staging Can Give You an Edge in Property Market

Home Staging

Everyone wants to buy a picture-perfect home! However, not many homeowners can give their property the desired look due to lack of time, a busy schedule, and even increasing unemployment and inflation. So, even if a house is located in a quiet neighborhood but gives out a run-down appearance, it will fail to appeal to […]

How to Stage Your Home for Sale and Increase its Price by 10%?

6 Tips on How to Stage Your House Are you planning to sell your home? Are you getting it staged and don’t have an alternate place to stay during the process? Well, here’s the ultimate guide to showing your house while living in it! How to Stage a House for Sale While Living in it? […]

How to Stage Your Home for a Sale and Increase its Price by 10%?

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How to Stage Your Home for Sale and Increase its Price by 10%? Whenever you’re out buying something, what catches your eye the most? A shabby-looking item or something that looks prim and proper? Obviously, the latter! The same reasoning can be applied when putting up your home for sale. The better it looks, the […]