Home Staging Tips

4 Home Staging Tips From Real Estate Experts

Did you know that staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes? Research shows that if you stage your home before selling, it can get off the listings 3 times more quickly than regular homes. Plus, 70% of real estate professionals agreed that the price for staged homes is 10 percent higher! 

So, if you’re considering selling your house, here are 4 home staging tips straight from the horse’s mouth: Real estate experts!

1. Declutter Your Home

Imagine walking into a house with every inch of wall covered in pictures, every table cluttered with more decor items than it can hold, and furniture crowding every corner of the room. You would feel stuffy for sure! 

That’s what buyers feel when they enter a cluttered house. Therefore, the first rule of staging is to declutter your home!

Clear surface spaces like coffee tables, shelves, and kitchen counters of things that might be overcrowding it. Make use of wicker baskets, containers, and storage units to put away things that you won’t be using for the time being or that have a personal touch to them, like family portraits, kids’ artwork, etc.  

Because the last thing you want is the buyers getting distracted by random items around the house instead of focusing on the home. 

2. Invest in Storage But Don’t Overload It 

After you’ve cleared the clutter, the next question is, where to put away the extra stuff? If you have huge items like furniture, you can invest in a storage unit; however, small things can be put away in storage spaces inside your home, like behind doors, inside cupboards, and baskets.

But make sure they’re not overflowing with items, as the buyers might open cupboards to check out how much space there is. 

You want your home to look like it has plenty of storage space and you’re not running out of it so that the potential buyers believe your house will be able to handle their belongings.  

Remember, a clean and spacious-looking home is what buyers look for; therefore, make sure you stage your house so it fits this criterion! 

3. Refresh Rooms With Light Reflecting Colors 

If you have used dark colors on the walls of your rooms or living room, it’s time to get them 

repainted with light neutral shades. 

Why? Because light shades make the rooms appear bigger, well-illuminated, and tidy. Even if you prefer them, dark shades give a dark and gloomy vibe, which might not go too well with the buyer. So, go for shades like off-white, light blue, light grey, peach, light pink, etc. 

Plus, a fresh coat of paint does wonders for the overall environment of the house. It gives your home an instant facelift! 

4. Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most used rooms in a house. Therefore, they can have paint peeling off the walls, cracked counters, broken tiles, loose cabinets, leaking pipes, and stained ceramics. 

So, if you’re staging your home, renovate the kitchen and bathrooms for a modern look. 

And when we say renovation, it doesn’t necessarily mean re-designing; changing the color of kitchen cupboards or the countertop can drastically change its appearance! 

Similarly, getting new sinks, taps, handles, towel holders, and other fixtures in a bathroom can give it a contemporary look without spending a fortune.


If you want to sell your home, you must stage it for the best price. However, if you’re new to home staging, we have rounded up 4 simple tips to stage your home in Melbourne without spending a hefty amount. Just a few changes here and a few fix-ups there are all you need to have a perfectly staged house ready to wow the buyers!