Home Staging

Why Home Staging Can Give You an Edge in Property Market

Everyone wants to buy a picture-perfect home! However, not many homeowners can give their property the desired look due to lack of time, a busy schedule, and even increasing unemployment and inflation.

So, even if a house is located in a quiet neighborhood but gives out a run-down appearance, it will fail to appeal to the buyers. With so much competition out there and buyers rushing to buy pristine and neat-looking homes, people who are unable to prep up their homes find it difficult to get their properties off the lists.

This is where professional home staging companies enter the picture!

How Does Home Staging Help?

By transforming your home into something that stands out!

You see, home staging companies have the knack of turning things around to give your home a more spacious, welcoming, and tidy look. Most of these companies usually utilize the things already present in the house and move them around a bit to change the appearance of the rooms. 

However, in some cases, they bring in their own furniture, lighting, and other decorative items to stage your home for a buyer’s visit. Staging also includes deep cleaning the house, clearing the clutter, depersonalizing it, fixing necessary things, etc. 

In short, once your home has been staged, it gets an instant uplift. It looks better and cleaner and opens up opportunities to sell it at the highest possible cost. 


What Does Home Staging Do to Reel-in Buyers?

Most of the time, buyers don’t have the time to sit and visualize what a home will look like once they buy or rent it. They also don’t want to spend money on making minor or major repairs to the house.

With home staging, they take less time to come to a decision!

  • When you hire professionals to stage your home, they make sure to bring out its true potential. As soon as the buyers set foot into your staged house, they can see how it would be to live in it. So, it’s an instant yay or nay situation.
  • On the other hand, when a person decides to move into a house, they make sure that everything is perfect and nothing needs to be fixed later on. So, a house with no repairs is more appealing to a buyer than a home that needs a lot of work.
  • Buyers are on the lookout for their dream home. This means a home with a stylish and immaculate finish is what they’re after. Home staging gives your home a standout appearance, evoking the buyer’s emotions and making them choose your home over others.

How Do Home Stagers Work Their Magic?

Home staging companies are professionals. When they look around your home, they can instantly spot the positive aspects, the loopholes, and the areas that can be spruced up. 

Also, unlike homeowners, home stagers have no emotional attachment to the house, rooms, or items. This helps them quickly work through things, remove personalized items, declutter, and replace the old stuff with new ones. 

With their keen eyes to spot the potential in a home, they can easily rearrange furniture, add or remove some items like worn-out carpets and rugs, and lay out the accessories to make the home look roomy, airy, and welcoming. 

And that’s how they work their magic to make buyers seriously consider buying your house!

Some Home Staging Tips to Go By

If you’re a homeowner trying to sell your house at a good price, we would suggest following these tips to stage your house to get an edge in the property market.

1. Beautify Your Home’s Exterior

Have you ever driven by a house and slowed down a bit to admire its beauty? Well, you can make people slow down their cars to admire your home too! All you need is to spruce up your home’s exterior.

Add a stone pathway, put up some potted plants, give the main door a fresh coat of paint, and not forget the garden globes for a sophisticated and warm look. 

If you have a front lawn, make sure to mow the grass and trim the plants. Rake away those dried leaves, and add some fresh blooming flowers for a lively appearance.

2. Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house that the buyers take a good look at! So, yellowing cabinets and sinks, an old-fashioned fridge and dishwasher, and dishes on the counter all give a messy appearance. 

If you have a similar kitchen, it’s time to upgrade it! You don’t have to spend a great deal to give it a new look; simply give it a fresh coat of paint, replace the cabinets with relatively new ones, get stylish placemats, and upgrade accessories. Also, putting away the dishes and adding a fresh potted plant and a fruit basket does wonders to give your kitchen a significant face-lift.

3. Don’t Overstage

Often people go all out when staging their homes. This results in over-staging, and the house ends up looking like a furniture store. You don’t have to do that! Keep it simple and keep it natural. 

You don’t need to replace everything with something new. Try mixing and matching old and new stuff to give your property a homely look despite all the staging. A stylish house that gives a welcoming vibe and looks cozy and warm is what the buyers look for. 

4. Let the Professionals Do It

If you’ve asked your friend or neighbor to fix that broken tile or dangling cabinet, believe me, the repair job would be equal to something that hasn’t been fixed! If you want to get something fixed or repaired, hire a professional for a job well done.

Got a leak in the bathroom pipe? Call a plumber. Is the door coming off its hinges? Let the carpenter handle it. Is the light fixture about to fall off? Time to call the electrician. A skilled person for a particular job does it flawlessly compared to someone who does it just because they can hammer a nail!

If the buyer spots poor workmanship, they might believe that other areas of the house have also been repaired substandardly.

Similarly, when it comes to home staging, you need to hire seasoned property stylists like Decor2Sell

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So, if you also want an edge in the property market, give us a call. With our proven track record in property styling and staging and an excellent sense of designing, we will help you get your house off the list in no time!