9 Myths of Home Staging

Revealing the Truth Behind 9 Myths of Home Staging

Do you believe that staging is expensive, only for luxury homes or for decluttering? Well. None of that is true, and we are here to show you why!

As Melbourne’s premier home staging and property styling company, Decor 2 Sell is dedicated to dispelling these myths. We aim to spread awareness of the true essence and impact of staging in the real estate market.

Our insights are accrued from years of experience and success in staging and property styling in Melbourne. In this article, we will dispel the 9 most common myths surrounding house staging.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Myth 1: Home Staging is Exclusive to Luxury Properties

Absolutely not! While a lot of people believe that home staging is only for high-end properties, it is not true. Decor 2 Sell has experience working with a variety of spaces, from small homes to large estates.

We have observed that staging can enhance any space, regardless of size or market value. Property staging aims to showcase a property’s real potential. It helps to make any space relatable and appealing to a variety of buyers.

Home staging of an apartment by Decor 2 Sell

Here is how our house staging Melbourne services can make any property appealing.

  • Showcasing the Best
    Staging showcases the selling points of a home. These can be a classic fireplace, windows with a great view, architectural details, etc.
  • Disguising the Unattractive
    Staging can hide the less attractive parts of a home by using strategic design elements.
  • Creating an Emotional Connection
    Property staging creates an emotional connection to help buyers see themselves living in the space.
  • Giving a positive first Impression
    A well-staged home gives off a pleasant impression to the buyers. It conveys that the home is well-maintained and cared for.

These factors can enhance the appeal of any property for buyers. Thus, this approach is not limited to luxury homes. Staging is about enhancing every property to its best possible presentation.

Myth 2: Home Staging Removes All Personality from a Home

A common misconception is that staging a home strips it of its unique character. But that is not true. We assert that the art of home staging lies in creating a space that is welcoming but also decluttered. At Decor 2 Sell, we strive to achieve this balance.

We aim to create spaces that are inviting, relatable, and neutral enough for buyers to see it as theirs. Our property stylists curate items to highlight a home’s strengths while ensuring it appeals to a broad audience.

Home staging of a bedroom by Decor 2 Sell

Myth 3: Home Staging Equals to Decorating 

Staging and decorating use similar aesthetic elements, but they serve different purposes. Here are some key differences between house staging and decorating.

  • Personal vs. Neutral Tones

Decorating is about personalizing a space to reflect the homeowner’s taste and style. In contrast, staging focuses on depersonalization and broad appeal by using neutral tones.

  • Modern vs. Custom Design

Home staging aims for a more modern and universal design. However, interior decorating is customized according to the needs of a family.

  • Decluttering vs. Accessorizing

Property staging aims to remove all the unnecessary items from a room to make it look clean and open. However, Decorating brings in items that cater to the family’s needs and preferences.

Melbourne Home staging by Decor 2 Sell using neutral tones

Our team utilizes strategic designs to highlight the most attractive features of a home. This approach to home styling showcases the property in its most marketable and appealing light. It also makes it attractive to a diverse range of potential buyers.

Myth 4: DIY Staging is as Effective as Professional Home Staging 

While there is a charm to the DIY approach, professional home staging is a different ballgame. At Decor 2 Sell, our team is highly trained in the subtle art of staging. We do not believe in only rearranging furniture or adding decor. We aim to create compelling spaces that resonate with the widest possible audience.

Our property stylists utilize their knowledge of current market trends, buyer psychology, and design principles. This helps to create a more polished and cohesive look. But, this is difficult to achieve without professional training and experience.

Bedroom home staging by Decor 2 Sell

Myth 5: Home Staging is Expensive and Not Worth the Investment 

This myth often discourages sellers from considering property staging. However, at Decor 2 Sell, we have observed that staging is a valuable investment. Let’s explore why home staging is an investment that pays off.

  • Compelling Listings
    Staging helps in creating compelling listings, which are crucial in today’s digital market.
  • Impactful First Impression
    Professionally staged homes lead to more visibility and better offers by making a lasting impression.
  • Higher Sale Profits
    Staged homes not only sell faster but often command higher selling prices. This increased profit margin can outweigh the initial staging cost.

Living area styled by Decor 2 Sell

At Decor 2 Sell, we know that every home is unique and should have its own plan. Our team of property stylists will build a plan around the features your property has to offer. This way, we personalize property styling packages that best suit your needs.

Myth 6: Home Staging is Only for Vacant Houses

Staging can make a huge difference in selling a home, regardless of whether it is occupied or vacant.

  • Staging for Vacant Houses

Staging helps to add warmth and depth to vacant homes. It makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the potential of the space. 

  • Staging for Occupied Homes

For occupied homes, home staging can highlight the home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. While also allowing the current residents to feel comfortable during the selling process.

Home staging by Decor 2 Sell

Decor 2 Sell specializes in both scenarios, with our expertise to enhance the appeal of any space. We strategically select furniture, artwork, and accessories to highlight the home’s best features. At the same time, we skillfully downplay any less desirable aspects.

Myth 7: Home Staging is a Long and Disruptive Process 

Many people assume that staging a home is a lengthy and intrusive process. However, at Decor 2 Sell, we prioritize efficiency. Our team works swiftly and meticulously to lessen any disruption. Our staging process is streamlined from the initial consultation to the final execution. It can ensure a quick turnaround time.

We highly prioritize the comfort of our clients, and our process reflects this. Our home staging process can be completed within a few days without causing a lengthy disruption to your daily life.

Myth 8: Home Staging is Unnecessary in a Strong Seller’s Market

In a seller’s market, properties may sell fast. However, staging can still significantly influence the final sale price. A well-staged home stands out in the market, resulting in multiple offers and even a bidding war. The main goal is not to sell the property but rather to maximize its value.

At Decor 2 Sell, we have seen the incredible effectiveness of staging. Property staging can help push the sale prices above and beyond expectations. It also creates an emotional connection that can be the decisive factor for buyers selecting from multiple options.

Myth 9: Virtual Staging can replace Physical Home Staging

Virtual staging has become more popular, particularly in the age of online listings. But, it lacks the tangible appeal of physical staging.

Virtual house staging can provide quality photos. But, it fails to deliver the real experience of walking into a beautifully staged home. In contrast, physical staging allows buyers to experience the space, comprehend its flow, and imagine themselves living there.

Home staging in Melbourne by Decor 2 Sell

At Decor 2 Sell, we strongly believe in the power of real, tactile staging that engages all the senses. It’s about creating an experience, not an image.

FAQs on 9 Myths of Home Staging

1. What is home staging?

Home staging is the strategy to make a property more appealing to potential buyers. It includes decluttering spaces, rearranging furniture, and adding tasteful decor to make a space more inviting. The ultimate goal of property staging is to generate higher profits and faster sales.

With a surge in Melbourne property marketing, services like Home Staging Melbourne are in high demand. At Decor 2 Sell, we apply knowledge of buyer psychology and property market trends to make any space more appealing.

2. How much does home staging cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to home staging costs. Costs vary depending on the number of rooms, duration of renting items, size, and location of your home. However, house staging pays off in the form of more buyers, faster sales, and higher selling prices.

At Decor 2 Sell, we offer personalized property styling packages to meet your needs. Our costs may vary, but we are happy to provide a quote and deliver the best solution within your budget.

3. How long does the home staging process take?

Property staging duration depends on the extent of staging, size, and condition of the property. Therefore, the duration of the staging process can vary greatly. For smaller spaces, it can take only a few hours, while it can take a few days for larger properties.

In real estate markets like Melbourne, home staging can greatly affect buyers’ interest. So, it is recommended to give enough time to the staging process so that your home is at its best for higher profits.


Staging is a combination of design skills, buyer psychology, and market knowledge. Decor 2 Sell aims to dispel the home staging myths to showcase its true potential. Our approach is customized, strategic, and focused on optimizing the appeal and value of each property we handle.

Are you looking for expert property staging in Melbourne? Get in touch with Decor 2 Sell, where we convert properties into homes that inspire and captivate. No matter whether you’re selling a cozy studio or a large estate. Our team has the skills to transform your space and enhance its market price.