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Expert Tips to Overcome the Common Home Staging Challenges

In the dynamic world of real estate marketing, effective staging is vital for properties to stand out. Home staging can not only increase the number of buyers but also lead to higher profits.

But, even the best plans in property staging can face unpredictable problems. However, we can help you face these challenges gracefully. As a property styling Melbourne service, Decor 2 Sell specializes in enhancing spaces so that they appeal to a broad audience. 

In this article, we will discuss top home styling tips for times when things don’t entirely go as planned. So, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional home stager, these strategies can help with the challenges of house staging.

So, let’s get started!

1. Dealing with the Bedding Wrinkles

One of the most common challenges faced in home styling is wrinkled linens. These can diminish the overall appeal of a bedroom regardless of the effort put into styling. But don’t worry; this can be solved easily by using a handheld steamer.

This quick fix not only saves time but also ensures that your bedding looks crisp and clean. This home staging tip is a must-have to enhance the visual appeal of a bedroom. All the while not needing an ironing board.

Bedroom styled by Decor 2 Sell

2. Fixing the Variations in Sheet Size

Sometimes, property stylists face the challenge of variations in sheet size. This can get really frustrating as it disrupts the whole presentation of the bedding. An expert tip for such situations is “short sheeting.”

If you find yourself with a double sheet for a queen-sized bed, take the following steps to manage it.

  • Arrange the sheet sideways on the bed.
  • Now, tuck it neatly around the head corners of the mattress. This will cover the important parts of the bed.
  • Use safety pins at each corner of the sheet to hold it in place.
  • Next, dress the bed with duvets and pillows.

This way, the size difference of the bedsheet would not be visible. And you can still maintain a seamless and professional look.

Bedroom styled by Decor 2 Sell in Melbourne

At Decor 2 Sell, our house staging Melbourne services are provided by professionals who are ready to tackle any home staging challenge. By disguising the unattractive parts, we make sure to highlight the selling points for greater buyer interest.

3. Effective Transportation of Staging Inventory 

One key challenge faced in home staging is transporting the staging inventory. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the staging process should always start with effective transportation. It can be achieved by using techniques that can save space.

For instance, foldable furniture is an excellent choice for ease of setup and transport. Our pro tip is to pack smaller items at the end so they are easily accessible upon arrival. This not only speeds up the staging process but also leads to seamless workflow.

4. Selecting Flexible Furniture for Different Rooms

Sometimes, the furniture selected for a room may not fit as planned. The dimensions of the room can pose an unexpected challenge in house staging. For such situations, it is crucial to select furniture that can adapt to different room sizes and layouts.

It is a vital skill in home staging to reconfigure the layout or substitute furniture pieces quickly. This flexibility ensures that each space is presented in its most appealing light to buyers.

Open-plan living area styled by Decor 2 Sell

As a Melbourne property staging company, Decor 2 Sell goes beyond setting up furniture. We focus on the look and feel of the space that buyers love. Our professional home staging services are a cut above, making your property unforgettable for buyers.

5. Addressing the Lighting Conditions of a Space

Another commonly faced challenge in property staging is the lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in how a space can be perceived. Clever use of lighting can greatly enhance the appeal of any space.

  • Let go of the Bulky Fabrics

Replace dark curtains and bulky fabrics that block the natural light with lighter ones.

  • Use Different Light Sources

Floor and table lamps, as well as string lights, can create a cozy and welcoming look. 

  • Add Cool LED Lights

For limited natural light, the use of cool LED lights can make a space look light and airy.

A well-lit living space styled by Decor 2 Sell

By correctly addressing the lighting challenges, any space can be enhanced for buyer interest. Remember, a well-lit space can appear more open and larger, which can be a decisive factor for sales.

6. Quick Fixes for Wall Imperfections

The most common of all the common challenges in home staging is wall imperfections. These can be in the form of nail holes or scratches. But whatever form they are, they can greatly affect the overall appeal of a space.

But don’t worry, these situations can be easily tackled if you are prepared beforehand. Follow the steps below to fix any small imperfections in your wall quickly.

  • Firstly, scrape away any chipping paint or loose residue.
  • Next, Cover it with Spackle and smooth it with a putty knife.
  • Once the Spackle is dry, use sandpaper to make it smooth.
  • Now apply the paint for touch-up, and you are done!

Quick fixes like these not only save time but also make sure that the walls look pristine. It is very useful for creating a positive impression on buyers. Remember, attention to detail can make a significant difference in home staging.

7. Utilizing Mirrors to Enhance Space Perception 

Confined spaces pose a major challenge in house staging. But this can be overcome by using the right elements in the room that give the illusion of wider space.

For instance, placing mirrors in smaller or darker rooms can amplify natural light and space. The same can also be done for smaller living areas and tight corridors. This pro tip can help in making rooms appear more open and larger, which can add to your home’s appeal.

Mirror placement in the bathroom by Decor 2 Sell

8. Effective Furniture and Decor Placement 

Furniture and decor arrangement play a crucial role in the overall appeal of a home. It is important to find a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal of furniture. Instead of overcrowding rooms, opt for a minimalist style that highlights the potential of a space.

As for the decor placement, cushions, plants, and wall art can add life and color to a room. Thoughtfully placed decor can not only add to the appeal but also let buyers imagine it as theirs.

Effective furniture and decor placement by Decor 2 Sell

At Decor to Sell, there is no one-size-fits-all for property plans. We carefully analyze your house’ selling points to customize property styling packages accordingly. We would be happy to provide a quote and work on a solution that best fits your needs.

FAQs on Top Home Staging Solutions

Why should I stage my home?

Home staging has various benefits when it comes to selling your house. One of the major benefits is that it creates a strong impression on potential buyers. It leads to reduced selling time and increased profit margins.

With the surge in real estate marketing, home staging is crucial to enhance your home’s appeal. You can make use of Decor 2 Sell’s Melbourne home staging services to get an edge in the competition.

Can I do home staging myself?

Yes, you can try to stage your home yourself. However, professional home staging is based on key design principles and knowledge of current market trends. Professional stagers also have access to a variety of decor and furniture options. 

In competitive markets like Melbourne, Decor 2 Sell can help your property stand out. Our team of property stylists is trained to use furniture, lighting, artwork, and decor strategically. So, while you can stage your home yourself, it will not be as effective as professional home staging.

Is investing in home staging worth it?

Absolutely, home staging is a valuable investment that pays off greatly. Studies prove that staged homes not only sell faster but also lock higher prices.

It happens because home staging can enhance the appeal of a house significantly. So, buyers can see themselves living in such spaces and are willing to pay more.

In the real estate market like Melbourne, Decor 2 Sell can help your property stand out. This way, your property sells fast and with a higher profit margin.


Effective property staging stems from meeting unexpected challenges with the best possible solutions. At Decor 2 Sell, we are dedicated to empowering property stylists to tackle any challenge with confidence.

Our expert tips on facing the challenges of house staging can help you enhance your staging projects. Remember, each challenge is an opportunity to show off your staging skills and creativity. And our tips will ensure that your staged homes stand out in real estate marketing.

If you are looking for professional home staging in Melbourne, contact us today! Our expertise and attention to detail can transform properties into homes that resonate with buyers.