Styling Your Balcony

4 Tips for Styling Your Balcony Garden In 2023

A Chinese proverb reads: “Life begins the day you start a garden.” So, let’s create a life by making your garden on your balcony.

But where to begin? And how? It can be overwhelming to try and transform your garden into a work of art. Especially for a balcony garden that looks like this:

This article will give you practical tips on upgrading your garden. We’ll help you turn your outdoor space into a personal paradise.

Following are some proven ways to get you started on your balcony garden. 

How can you improve the styling of your balcony garden? 

Styling your garden can be challenging as it involves considering various factors to achieve the desired look. However, you can create a stunning outdoor space with careful planning and attention to detail.

Choose the right plants for your balcony garden. 

Choosing the right plants is the most significant factor in creating a thriving balcony garden. They should be well-suited to the conditions on your balcony. Mull over some simple aspects of choosing the right plants.

  • Consider the amount of sunlight and shade your balcony gets. 
  • Note the temperature and wind exposure.  

Once you’ve identified the conditions on your balcony, you can choose plants that are well-suited to these conditions. Some options to consider include the following: 


Herbs such as basil, parsley, and oregano are easy to grow and thrive in sunny, well-drained conditions. They also have the bonus of being able to be used in cooking.


Succulents are an excellent choice for balcony gardens because they are drought-tolerant and don’t require a lot of water. They also come in various shapes and sizes, making them a versatile and attractive choice for small spaces.


If your balcony gets a lot of shade, consider adding some ferns to your garden. These plants thrive in humid, shaded conditions and can add a lush, tropical feel to your space. 


Annual flowers such as petunias, marigolds, and zinnias are easy to grow and can add color to your balcony garden. Just be sure to choose varieties that are well-suited to your climate and the conditions on your balcony. 

Once you choose the right plants, it is time to use the space effectively. For that, containers are used.

Use containers wisely to add beauty to your garden.

Container gardening is an effective method for growing plants on a balcony, even if space is limited. However, choosing containers is vital to ensure your plants have the best chance of thriving. 

When selecting containers, make sure to consider the following factors.

  • Consider the size and weight of the pots and the type of plants you’ll be growing.  

Opt for lightweight pots or planters that are easy to move around for smaller plants. Larger plants, on the other hand, may require heavier pots to provide the necessary support. 

  • In addition to choosing suitable containers, use a good-quality potting mix to help your plants grow.  

A well-draining mix is essential to prevent excess moisture from accumulating and causing root rot. 

Once you are done using containers, use vertical space effectively to create a thriving balcony garden. 

Make use of vertical space.

You can use vertical space to garnish your balcony garden if you have limited horizontal space. Hanging baskets or installing shelves or vertical planters adds visual interest and dimension to your garden, drawing the eye upwards and creating a sense of depth. Following are some of the tips regarding the use of vertical space. 

  • Use vertical space by hanging baskets or installing shelves or vertical planters for smaller plants.

Hanging baskets are great for smaller plants, such as herbs or trailing flowers. Be sure to choose baskets with sturdy wire or plastic liners to prevent the plants from falling out.

  • For larger plants or a more permanent solution, consider installing shelves or vertical planters along the walls of your balcony.

There are several options for obtaining these items. They can be purchased or made using wood, metal, or plastic.

Moving ahead towards the final part, which is adding personality. It would reflect your artistic proclivity in your garden.

Personalize your garden with your unique style. 

A significant aspect of balcony gardens is the ability to tailor them to your style and preferences. This customization can make the garden uniquely yours and more enjoyable to care for and spend time in. Contemplate the following to add some personality to your garden. 

  • Personalize it: Add personal touches to your garden by including items that hold special meaning to you. It could be a favorite statue, a memorial bench, or a collection of rocks from your travels. 

Use unexpected elements: Add interest to your garden by incorporating elements such as colorful garden art, antique finds, or recycled materials. It can be anything, a tire or a plastic bottle.

Use lighting: Lighting can add atmosphere and drama to your garden, especially in the evenings. Consider using solar-powered string lights, lanterns, or candlelight to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Final Words

You can easily transform your balcony garden into a stylish and personal paradise. You must adhere to the tips mentioned to create an eye-pleasing balcony garden. Thus, all you have to do is choose the right plants and use containers and vertical spaces. Moreover, add some personal touch to your garden by using your style and taste. Start your garden today and enjoy the beauty and peace it brings.