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Property Styling Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide

Is the sale of your property a top priority for you? Property Styling is the way to go. It’s as if you were applying cosmetics to your home. Making a small sacrifice can have a significant impact. However, not every home is the same.

One strategy won’t work for a large vacation rental while another will work for a little unit. No matter the type of property you own, this guide will teach you how to present it for maximum impact.

All types of housing, including apartments, condos, vacation rentals, and even one-of-a-kind residences, will be covered.

Apartment Living: Small Space, Big Impact


Apartments. They can be charming, convenient, and oh-so-tiny.

Property styling of an apartment throws unique challenges: limited square footage, fixed features, and open floor plans. But fear not! Here’s how to stage your apartment for success:

Small Space, Smart Choices:

Forget bulky furniture. Opt for clean lines and multifunctional pieces. Think ottomans with storage or a Murphy bed that disappears by day.

Flow Like Water:

Traffic flow matters. You can make specific spaces without feeling claustrophobic by rearranging furniture. If you want to provide the impression of more space, a mirror might be a useful tool.

Maximizing Space in Apartments

Lounge Home Staging

Every inch counts in an apartment. Here’s how to stage for maximum impact in minimal space:

Multifunctionality Matters:

Ditch bulky furniture. Choose clean lines and pieces that serve double duty. Your new best friends are Ottomans with hidden storage and Murphy beds that vanish by day.

Define Your Zones:

Keep from feeling crammed by rearranging furniture to make sleeping, dining, and living spaces distinct.

Mirrors: Your Space Expanders:

If you want your flat to feel more open and airy, try hanging mirrors in strategic places.

Creating a Seamless Flow

Lounge property Styling

A well-staged apartment feels effortless to move through. Here’s how to achieve that:

Color Calm:

Feeling calm and at ease is the result of using neutral colors. Pillows, artwork, or a bold rug can provide colorful accents.

Easy Traffic Flow:

Think of your apartment as a path. Arrange furniture so people can move around comfortably. No furniture traffic jams allowed!

Area Rugs: Zone Definers:

Open floor plans can feel disjointed. Make use of area rugs to visually demarcate several spaces, such as the living room, the dining room, and the bedroom.

Condo Living: Efficiency and Modern Appeal

Modernism and space maximization are the defining characteristics of condo living. How to display your condo so that potential buyers may see its modern design and practical amenities:

Multifunctional Marvels:

Show off furniture that does double duty. Sleeper sofas provide extra sleeping room, while ottomans with storage conceal clutter.

Stage for Daily Life:

Dedicate areas to their everyday use. Set up a workstation and a cozy chair in your home so you can work in peace. Arrange a comfortable armchair and a well-lit area to create an ideal reading nook.

Up, Up, and Away:

Don’t forget vertical space! Utilize tall bookshelves to store and display items. Opt for storage ottomans that maximize floor space.

Modern Flair in Condos

Condos are a canvas for modern design. Here’s how to stage yours for a sleek, contemporary look:

Clean Lines Rule:

Opt for furniture with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Sleek sofas and sharp coffee tables set the tone.

Light Up the Space:

Lighting is key. Incorporate statement lighting fixtures that add both function and style. Metallic accents like chrome lamps or brass hardware add a touch of modern luxury.

Neutrals with Pops:

A neutral color palette creates a clean foundation. Add pops of color with throw pillows, artwork, or a statement rug to showcase your personality.

Modern Flair in Condos

Kitchen home staging

Condos are a canvas for modern design. Here’s how to stage yours for a sleek, contemporary look:

Clean Lines Rule:

Choose minimalist pieces of furniture that have straight lines. The mood is set by sleek couches and sleek coffee tables.

Light Up the Space:

Lighting is key. Incorporate statement lighting fixtures that add both function and style. Think geometric pendants or sleek sconces.

Metallic Accents:

Don’t be afraid of a touch of modern luxury. Metallic accents like chrome lamps or brass hardware add a pop of shine.

Neutrals with Pops:

A neutral color palette creates a clean foundation. Accentuate your space with colorful throw cushions, artwork, or a bold rug to express your style.

Condo’s Unique Charm: Highlighting What Makes Yours Stand Out

Every condo has something special. Here’s how to stage yours to showcase its unique features:

Balcony Bliss:

Don’t neglect the balcony! Stage it with comfy seating and plants to create a private outdoor oasis.

City Views for Days:

Stunning city views? Arrange furniture to maximize the impact. Let the view be the star of the show.

Amenities in Action:

Highlight the condo’s amenities through staging. Stage the rooftop terrace with lounge chairs and string lights. Place brochures about concierge services on the coffee table.

Vacation Rentals: Creating a Relaxing Escape

Picture yourself on a tropical getaway. Imagine now the ideal rental: cosy and furnished with all the comforts of home. Make your vacation rental feel more like a “home away from home” by following these staging tips:

Cozy Comfort:

Use warm color palettes and comfortable furniture. Think plush sofas, inviting armchairs, and plenty of throw pillows.

Kitchen Confidence:

Property Styling of the kitchen is to showcase its amenities. Highlight the coffee maker for that morning pick-me-up or the blender for poolside smoothies.

Relaxation Reminders:

Fresh flowers and beach-themed artwork instantly set a vacation mood. Let your guests feel the escape from the moment they walk in.

Who’s Your Ideal Guest? Tailoring the Vacation Vibe

Knowing your target audience is key to successful vacation rental staging. Here’s how to cater to different guest types:

Family Fun:

Thinking families? Stage a play area with toys and games. This shows parents you understand their needs.

Couples Retreat:

Targeting couples? Set the mood for a passionate evening with a cozy fireplace, delicate lighting, and plush seats for two.

Highlight Amenities:

Cater to your audience by highlighting relevant amenities. Stage ski gear storage for winter rentals or beach towels for summer escapes. Let them know you’ve got them covered.

Picture Perfect: Showcasing Your Rental Online

Great photos are key to attracting vacation renters. Here’s how to optimize yours:

Light It Up:

Capture high-quality photos with ample natural light. Bright and airy spaces are inviting.

Functionality on Display:

Do property styling of each room to showcase its functionality and amenities. Show off the kitchen with a breakfast spread or the living room with comfy seating for movie nights.

Props with Personality:

Use inviting props to tell a story. Beach towels draped over chairs hint at summer fun, while a breakfast spread on the dining table suggests a relaxing morning routine.

Unearth the Charm: Staging Unique Properties

Kitchen Property Styling

Houses vary greatly in quality. Every type of home, from grand mansions to humble log cabins and even houseboats, has its fascinating history. Here’s how to stage these special properties to highlight their charm:

History on Display:

For historic homes, let the architecture shine. Choose furniture and decor that complement the period. Highlight original details like crown molding or fireplaces.

Rustic Retreat:

Log cabins thrive on a cozy, natural vibe. Opt for comfortable furniture with natural textures like leather or wool. Woven baskets and throw blankets add to the warmth.

Setting Sail:

Houseboats call for a nautical theme. The use of white and blue evokes the water, while nautical-themed accessories, such as miniature ships or rope details, round off the ensemble.

Striking a Balance: Showcasing Charm Without Alienating Buyers

Despite their uniqueness, properties should target a wide demographic. To find that sweet spot, follow these steps:

Embrace, Don’t Overwhelm:

Do only what is required while highlighting the property’s distinctive qualities. Instead of feeling like they’ve wandered into a movie set, you want potential buyers to envision themselves living there.

Classic Meets Character:

Choose furniture with timeless styles that complement the unique architecture. A modern sofa might clash in a historic home, but a classic wingback chair could feel right at home.

Neutrals as a Base:

A neutral color palette creates a clean foundation. Layer in unique elements through textiles and accessories. Throw pillows with a historic pattern or a rustic-textured rug in a log cabin.


Is staging worth the investment?

Property Styling can make a big difference. Evidence suggests that staged homes sell more quickly and at a higher price. Applying makeup to your home is a lot like that. A little effort can attract more buyers and bigger offers.

I can’t afford a professional stager. Can I stage my home myself?

Absolutely! Property Styling doesn’t require a small fortune. Declutter, clean thoroughly and rearrange furniture to create a flowing layout. Neutral colors and minimal clutter open up the space. Think of it as editing, not a complete overhaul.

My apartment is tiny. How can I possibly stage it?

Small spaces require smart solutions. Ditch bulky furniture. Opt for multifunctional pieces like ottomans with storage. If you want to provide the impression of more space, a mirror might be a useful tool. To avoid feeling claustrophobic, rearrange furniture to demarcate spaces.

I’m renting my condo out as a vacation rental. How should I stage it?

Imagine your ideal guest. Families? Stage a play area with toys. Couples? Create a romantic ambiance with candles and soft lighting. Highlight amenities relevant to your target audience. Think ski gear storage for winter rentals or beach towels for summer escapes. Make it feel like a “home away from home” so they’ll want to book it.


Here you are, with a home to sell—but this isn’t going to work for everyone. Condos yearn for a contemporary feel, while apartments require ingenious ways to save space. Vacation rentals? All about relaxation. And unique properties?

Let their charm shine through. Remember, tailor your property styling to fit the property. This guide is your starting point. Now go forth and stage with creativity!