Pet- friendly property styling

Pet-Friendly Property Styling: Sell Your House with Furry Friends

Pets are family. They bring us joy and endless love. But when it’s time for property styling to sell your home, those furry companions can create extra challenges. Pet odors, toys, and maybe even a scratch or two can make buyers hesitate.

Don’t worry! Property Styling is the key. It helps your home sell faster and for the best price. With some careful planning, you can make your home shine with property styling, even with pets in the picture. You can attract the right buyer and get the offer you deserve.

The Nose Knows – Eliminating Pet Odors

Pet Odors

Buyers have sensitive noses. Pet smells can be a huge turn-off, even for fellow animal lovers. That lingering scent might not bother you anymore, but it can derail a sale.

Deep Cleaning is Key

Focus on carpets, furniture, and any favorite pet hangouts. Regular vacuuming won’t cut it. Rent a carpet steamer for a thorough cleanse. Upholstery might need professional attention too.

Target Pet Zones

Pay special attention to litter boxes and feeding areas. Scrub them thoroughly and replace them if they’re visibly worn.

Invest in Specialized Cleaners

Don’t just mask smells. Pet-specific odor eliminators break down the source of the smell. For stubborn cases, consider an ozone generator, but use it with caution and follow the instructions closely.

Don’t Forget the Soft Stuff

Pet beds and toys hold onto odors. Toss them in the washing machine regularly. This keeps your home smelling fresh and your furry friend happy.

Hide the Evidence – Minimizing Pet Presence

Pet Property Styling

In property styling, Odors aren’t the only thing that can turn off buyers. Let’s shift focus to creating a space where they can easily picture their OWN furry friend.

The Goal: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Buyers need to envision themselves in your home. Pet reminders can break that illusion. The goal is to make them forget a furry friend lives there.

Showtime Cleanup

Before any showing, stash the pet gear. Bowls, beds, crates, and toys all need to disappear. Tuck them away in the garage or your car.

Aquariums and Cages

If possible, relocate aquariums and small pet habitats temporarily. They can be distracting and take up valuable visual space.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

The yard is part of the showing too. Scoop any pet waste and give outdoor areas a quick tidy. A fresh, clean yard makes a great impression.

Damage Control – Repair and Protect

The next step is damage control. Let’s assess and fix any wear and tear caused by your furry friend.

Inspect and Fix

Those little scratches and chew marks might not bother you, but they signal “pet home” to buyers. Take a critical look around. Patch and repaint any damaged areas. Can’t fix it perfectly? Strategically placed furniture can hide a lot.

Think Like a Buyer

Walk through your home with a buyer’s eye. Are there items your pet (or an excited visitor) could easily knock over? Secure loose cords and wobbly decorative pieces.

Safety First

Protecting your pet and potential buyers is important. Double-check that potential hazards are out of reach during showings. A little pre-showing prep can prevent mishaps and make your home feel even more inviting.

Showtime! Strategies for Pets During Showings

You’ve hidden the pet gear, now it’s time to address any lingering signs of pet life. Here’s how to tackle those imperfections.

Best Option: Pets Take a Vacation

If possible, have your pet visit a friend, enjoy doggy daycare, or go for an extended walk during showings. This removes distractions, smells, and any potential anxiety for your pet.

When They Must Stay

If removal isn’t an option, secure your pet in a specific room or a safe outdoor area. Let potential buyers know about your furry resident.

Air it Out

Before the showing, open windows and let fresh air circulate. Maximize natural light to help dispel any lingering odors.

First Impressions Matter

A worn-out welcome mat can hint at pet ownership. Invest in a fresh, new one to create a welcoming first impression.

A Note on Safety: Even the friendliest pet can get spooked by strangers. Ensure your pet is safely secured to prevent unexpected escapes or interactions during the showing.

Depersonalize With Care – Photos and Decor

Home Staging

We’ve tackled smells, clutter, and damage. Now, let’s help buyers focus on the home itself, not your beloved pet. Here’s why depersonalizing matters.

It’s Not About Your Pet

You love your furry friend. But buyers need to see themselves in your home. Pet photos and dog-themed pillows can make that connection harder.

Neutral is Best

During the selling process, aim for a clean, neutral look. Swap the paw-print blanket for a stylish throw. Tuck away those cute pet portraits for now.

Remember: It’s Temporary

You’re not getting rid of the reminders of your pet forever. Simply store them safely until after the sale is complete. Then, you can decorate to your heart’s content!


How can I minimize pet odors while doing proper styling?

Start by cleaning your home thoroughly. Wash all pet bedding and blankets. Shampoo carpets and clean floors. Use an air purifier to help remove pet odors from the air. Before showings, open windows to bring in fresh air. This helps make your home smell clean.

Should I remove my pets during home showings?

Yes, it’s a good idea. Not everyone likes pets or is comfortable around them. Take your pets with you or arrange for them to stay with a friend during showings. This makes visits easier for potential buyers.

What should I do with my pet’s toys and accessories?

Store them out of sight. Put toys, bowls, and litter boxes away before showings. This helps buyers imagine their own life in the house, not just see it as your pet’s home.

How do I handle pet hair for home showings?

Regularly clean up pet hair. Vacuum floors and furniture often. Consider using lint rollers on furniture and curtains. Keep grooming your pets to reduce shedding. A clean home looks well-maintained.

Can showing a pet-friendly home be an advantage?

Yes, it can be. If you market your home as pet-friendly, it might attract buyers with pets. Show potential pet conveniences like a fenced yard or a dog door. Just make sure these features are clean and well-maintained. This can make your home more appealing to pet owners.


Property Styling with pets takes a little extra effort. But it’s possible! Deep cleaning, hiding pet evidence, and taking care of minor repairs make all the difference.

Remember, buyers want a clean, neutral space. Help them see your house as their future home.

Don’t worry. With Deco2Sell, your pet-friendly home can attract the perfect buyer. Soon, you’ll be on your next adventure!