Home Staging

Is Home Staging Worth the Investment?

Selling a home is big. How it looks matters a lot. This is where house staging comes in. It’s about making a house look its best for buyers. This is starting to count more and more. Houses that have been staged tend to sell more quickly and for more money. 

But, it costs. Homeowners wonder if it’s worth it. Will spending on staging come back as a higher sale price? Will it help sell the house quicker? 

This is a big question for sellers. This guide looks at these points. It allows homeowners to decide on staging.

Home Staging and its Objectives

Objectives of Home Staging

Staging homes is getting them ready to sell. Making it more appealing to purchasers is the goal. It highlights the house’s best features. This helps sell the house faster and often at a better price.

The Goal

The main goal is to make a good impression. Property styling shows the potential of a house. It makes spaces look inviting and practical. This helps buyers imagine living there.

The Process

Professionals choose furniture, art, and other items carefully. They create a look that appeals to buyers. This includes arranging rooms to look bigger and brighter. They also show how to use every space well.

Why It Matters?

Staging makes a house stand out. It turns a space into a home. This attracts more buyers. They can see the house as their future home. This is key in a competitive market.

Why Stage Your Home?

Let’s find out why it is important to stage your home.

Visual Appeal

Staging transforms a house. It helps buyers picture it as their future home. This emotional connection is crucial. It can push them towards making an offer.

Quicker Sales

Homes that are staged often sell faster. Research shows these homes spend less time listed before they are sold. This speed benefits sellers, letting them move forward sooner.

Higher Sale Prices

Staged homes can command higher prices. Data indicates that staging can increase offer amounts. This means more profit for sellers.

Better Online Presence

In today’s market, online listings are vital. Staged homes photograph beautifully. This draws in more online buyers. A strong online listing is a key step in selling your home.

Strong Evidence

The National Association of Realtors supports these claims. Their studies show that staging leads to faster sales and higher prices. This is supported by evidence, not only personal opinion.

Impressions That Last

First impressions matter. Staging makes sure those impressions are positive. It showcases the home’s best features. In a cutthroat business environment, this might be decisive.

Staging Costs vs. Benefits

Let’s explore the comparison between the staging costs and their benefits.

Staging Costs

Staging a home costs money. On average, it might be in the range of $1,000 to $5,000. How much staging you perform and where you are located determine this. Bigger homes or more decor can cost more.

Returns on Investment

Staging can pay off. It often leads to higher offers from buyers. This can cover the staging costs and more. Also, staged homes can sell faster. This saves money on home expenses over time.

Evidence of Benefits

The Real Estate Staging Association found staging helps a lot. Homes staged before listing sold faster than those not produced. On average, staged homes sold in less time. This quick sale can save sellers on mortgage and utility costs.

Considering the Downsides of Staging

Along with major benefits, staging also has some flaws. Let’s discuss this to find out.

Upfront Costs

Staging requires an initial investment. This expense can be a concern for sellers. It involves paying for professional services and rental items.

Need for Storage

Staging often means removing personal items. Sellers may need to rent storage space. This is an additional cost to consider.

Highlighting Flaws

While staging presents a home in its best light, it might also make certain flaws more noticeable. This could affect buyers’ perceptions.

Managing the Concerns

Managing Flaws of House Staging

Flaws of staging can be managed easily. Let’s look into addressing the main flaws.

Choose Partial Staging

To reduce costs, consider staging key areas only. Prioritize high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen and living room.

Use a Combination of Items

Mixing personal furniture with rented pieces can save money. It also adds a personal touch while keeping the look professional.

Address Visible Flaws

Before staging, fix minor issues. This prevents staging from highlighting them. Small repairs can make a big difference.

DIY Staging Tips for Homeowners

DIY Staging Tips

Let’s find out the main staging tips for homeowners.

Clear and Clean

Do a thorough job of clearing out every room. A fresh, uncluttered house gives the impression of more space and warmth. Donate, sell, or put things you don’t need in storage.

Fix the Small Things

Attend to minor repairs that can deter buyers. This includes fixing leaking faucets, patching wall holes, and applying fresh paint. These fixes can significantly improve the home’s appeal.

Furniture Placement

Make better use of the available space by rearranging your furnishings. Strive for a floor plan that maximizes each room’s perceived space and utility. Good lighting is also crucial; ensure rooms are well-lit to enhance their features.

The Advantage of Professional Stagers

Hiring professional stagers is important. Let’s explore the advantages of professional stagers.

Design Expertise

Professional stagers bring design expertise and an objective eye. They can transform a space to appeal to the broadest range of buyers. Their experience in selecting and placing furniture can highlight the home’s best features.

Quality Inventory

Staging companies have access to high-quality furniture and accessories. This can make a home look more luxurious and appealing than what might be achieved with personal belongings.

Efficient and Effective

Professionals can stage a home quickly and efficiently, saving homeowners time and stress. They manage the entire process, from design to furniture removal, making it convenient for sellers.

Market Insight

Staging professionals understand the current market trends. They have a good idea of what buyers want and may adjust the staging accordingly, which could result in a faster sale for a greater price.

Options for Do-It-Yourself vs. Expert Staging

It isn’t easy to decide between DIY and professional staging. Let’s discuss some key aspects to make this decision easy for you.

DIY Staging: Cost-Effective but Simple

DIY staging saves money. It’s good for tight budgets. Focus on cleaning, removing clutter, and fixing small things. This can still make your home look better.

Professional Staging: Polished and Quick

The professional staging looks more polished. It can make your home sell for more and faster. It costs more but can be worth it.

What to Think About

Consider your budget, time, and what you want from the sale. Consider a property stylist if you can spend a bit more for a quick sale at a higher price. DIY might be better if you want to save money and have time.


Is Home Staging worth it?

Yes, home staging is worth it. Staging can make your home sell faster and for a higher price. It helps buyers see your home’s potential. Staged homes stand out in listings and showings. This appeal can lead to better offers. The investment often pays off by exceeding the staging costs.

What is home staging?

Home staging is preparing your home for sale. It’s about making your house appealing to buyers by highlighting its best features.

Why should I stage my home?

Staging can make your home sell faster and possibly for a higher price. It helps buyers envision themselves living in your home.

How much does home staging cost?

Staging costs vary, typically between $1,000 and $5,000. The price depends on your home’s size and the extent of staging needed.

Does staging increase the sale price?

Yes. Staged homes often attract higher offers, which can more than cover the cost of staging.


Have you tried staging your home? Did it help? Could you share your story with Decor2Sell? Or are you thinking about staging? Contact us for advice. Ready to put your house on the market? Let’s discuss how to make it shine.

Your home can sell more quickly and for more money with professional staging. It makes the house look its best. This attracts more buyers. Yes, it costs money. But the benefits can outweigh these costs. Think about what you want from the sale. Also, consider your budget and how your home looks now. Each home and seller is different. Make a decision based on your circumstances.