Home Staging cost in Australia

How much does home staging cost in Australia?

The cost might vary based on the property size, but most of the time it’s between USD 1500- USD 8000. Starting from a small amount, as the property size increases, its cost increases. 

Other details are presented below.

When you do house staging, you position the furniture and decorations such that they draw attention to their greatest features. The ideal property styling is one in which you can easily picture yourself living.

Let’s with the basics, and understand “What is Home Staging?”

What is Home Staging?

The term “staging” refers to the process of getting a house ready to sell most favorably. Organizing is more than that. The goal is to set the tone. To create the illusion of more room and light, stagers rearrange furniture, decorations, and artwork. They focus on the house’s best parts.

But why would you need it? 

Why Stage a Home?

Growing the number of people who could potentially purchase the product is the main goal. 

House Staging increases the likelihood that a buyer will make an offer. 

It has the power to turn any chilly place into a warm and inviting home. The outcome can be a higher sale price and a faster sale.

Moving ahead to the process!

What’s the Process Of Staging?

The process can vary. It often starts with a consultation. A stager looks at the house and suggests changes. These changes can be simple, like moving furniture around. Sometimes it means bringing in new items. The aim is to make each room look its best. 

Let’s talk about the factors that contribute to the overall cost of home staging,

What Factors Contribute to the Overall Cost of Home Staging?

Home staging costs can vary widely. It depends on various factors like property size, location, and staging duration. This section breaks down typical costs for different scenarios.

Costs for Different Property Sizes

Small Properties:

From $1,500 to $3,000 is a possible price range for basic home or apartment staging. There is a distinct design aesthetic and assortment of furniture in every room of the house.

Medium Properties:

The typical cost to stage a three-bedroom home is between $4,000 and $6,000. This includes furnishing various areas with high-quality furniture to establish an inviting ambiance.

Large Properties:

Large or Expensive Homes: The expense to stage a large or expensive home could exceed $8,000. This involves more elaborate furnishings and accessories, potentially including outdoor spaces.

Partial vs. Full Staging

Partial Staging:

  • Cost Range: Around $2,000 – $4,000.
  • Details: Involves using some existing furniture and adding key pieces. Suitable for properties that are still occupied.


Full Staging:

  • Cost Range: About $5,000 – $10,000 or more.
  • Details: Entirely furnished by the staging company. Ideal for vacant properties.


Duration of Staging

  • Short-term (few weeks): Less expensive as the rental period for furnishings is shorter.
  • Long-term (several months): Costs increase with the length of the staging period.

Location Variations

  • Urban Areas: Costs tend to be higher in cities due to higher demand and operational costs.
  • Rural/Suburban Areas: Generally, costs are lower outside major urban centers.

How Do the Advantages of Home Staging Compare to Its Costs?

Home staging might seem like an extra cost. However, its benefits often outweigh the expenses. We’ll look at how staging can be a smart investment.

Attract More Buyers

  • Staging makes a home more appealing. It can attract more potential buyers.
  • More interest often leads to quicker sales.

Higher Sale Prices

  • A well-staged home can look more valuable.
  • This can lead to higher offers from buyers.

Faster Sales

  • Staged homes often sell faster than non-staged homes.
  • This means less time on the market and fewer holding costs.

Better Online Photos

  • Staging improves a home’s appearance in photos.
  • Attractive photos can generate more interest online.

Initial Investment

  • Costs vary based on property size and staging type.
  • It’s an upfront cost for the seller.

Potential Return

  • The cost is often a fraction of the sale price increase.
  • The return on investment can be significant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home staging?

It’s preparing a house for sale by decorating it to appeal to buyers.

How long does staging take?

Setup usually takes a few days, depending on the home size.

Can I use my furniture for staging?

Yes, partial staging uses your furniture with added pieces.

What’s included in staging costs?

Costs include furniture rental, setup, and sometimes additional services like cleaning.

How do I choose a staging company?

Look for experience, past work, and customer reviews. Choose one that fits your budget and style.


Home staging in Australia is a valuable step in selling a house. It involves some costs, but the benefits are clear. Staging can lead to higher sale prices and faster sales. It makes homes more appealing to buyers. The investment in staging often pays off.

As a crucial component of their sale plan, homeowners should think about staging. Decor 2 Sell can do this for you. They can make their home more noticeable in the market by doing this.