Property Styling

Home Staging Success in Melbourne: A Decor 2 Sell Case Study

A Melbourne home in a sought-after neighbourhood Camberwell stood unnoticed in the bustling property market. Its potential was masked by outdated decor and clutter. The homeowners sought Decor 2 Sell’s expertise to prepare their three-bedroom house for sale with our home staging services..

A Case Study on Strategic Staging in Melbourne

Case Study on Strategic Staging

Let’s discuss in detail how we staged a home to increase its appearance potential to make it stand out in the sale market. 


Our mission was clear, transform the house into a welcoming, attractive space with our property styling strategy. We aimed to showcase the home’s best aspects, optimize the layout, and captivate potential buyers.

The Plan

Our initial visit revealed the home’s hidden gems—ample natural light, a generous layout, and sturdy architecture. Yet, its charm was buried under personal items and dated furnishings. We crafted a home staging strategy focusing on the following:

  • Removing clutter and personal touches.
  • Selecting contemporary furnishings that accentuated the home’s character.
  • Arranging furniture to highlight the space’s functionality.
  • Adding decorative elements to infuse warmth and personality.


Execution of Staging

In one week, our team transformed the house. We started by decluttering. Then, we introduced a selection of modern furniture and decor. The living room received a stylish sofa and coffee table, complemented by warm lighting and plants.

Bedrooms were dressed in neutral tones with colourful accents, creating serene retreats. The dining area showcased its entertainment potential with a modern set-up. Our attention to detail ensured that every room illustrated the house’s potential.


Results of House Staging

The transformation was striking. Within two weeks of being presented, the house had multiple offers and sold for more than expected. The homeowners couldn’t contain their joy as they gushed over our abilities to assess their property’s worth accurately.

Feedback and Reflections

After staging the open house, visitors loved the home. They said it felt welcoming and well-arranged. This praise showed us that our home staging worked well.

Seller’s Perspective

The owners were amazed by their transformed home. They liked how every room seemed more significant and more inviting. The house sold quickly and for more money. This showed them that house staging was a good choice. They thanked us for our detailed work. The property styling not only sold the home faster but also increased its value.

Buyers’ Interest

More people made offers after we staged the home. They liked how the house looked and felt. It was easy for them to imagine living there. Our staging helped them see the house as their future home. This shows how important it is to connect with buyers emotionally.

Strategic Choices

We chose neutral colours with some bright accents. This appealed to many people. Buyers could imagine their styles in the space. We also picked furniture that showed off the home’s best features. This approach highlighted the home’s unique qualities.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions in Home Staging

The second bedroom was small. It looked too tight. We chose furniture that saved space. We also used a mirror to make the room look bigger and brighter. This shows how staging can solve problems. What seems like a negative can become a positive.

Market Impact

The home sold quickly and for a reasonable price. This shows how vital staging is, especially in places like Melbourne. Our staging made a great first impression. This drew more interest and offers from buyers.